Human Body: The Giant Mystic Network | NHK Special

dot by dot developed the website for NHK Special “人体 神秘の巨大ネットワーク (Human Body: The Giant Mystic Network)”.

It is a rare collection of microscopic images of the “network” inside the human body, photographed with cutting-edge technology.


dot by dot produced and developed the automatic Arcimboldo generator for a special exhibition of ARCIMBOLDO : NATURE INTO ART at The National Museum of Western Art.

The design process of this installation was broadcasted in a TV program on NHK.

Exhibition Outline
Period: Tuesday, 20 June 2017 – Sunday, 24 September 2017
Venue: The National Museum of Western Art [Tokyo, Ueno Park]
Organized by The National Museum of Western Art, NHK, NHK Promotions Inc., The Asahi Shimbun


toio collection

SONY introduced the brand new toy platform “toio” for kids. It is the result of years of research into developing a toy that’s simple enough for kids to use, but also sophisticated enough so kids can explore the inner-workings of robotics engineering.
dot by dot directed the project as well as developed UX.



We lanched the original customized Tshirt printing service “WEAR YOU ARE” in collaboration with Remote Sensing Technology Center o Japan, GMO Pepabo and FUTUREK.
Use WEAR YOU ARE to create a custom T-shirt or smartphone case featuring your favorite place in Japan. Choose gorgeous images of any spot in Japan from JAXA satellite data. Add text, pin a location and add a filter for that finishing touch.
* It is currently only available with Japanese satelite image.

We are looking for a partner who can provide a global data…



dot by dot planned and managed the branding of the Italian wine BIBI GRAETZ imported and sold by SUNTORY.

With the Italian wine maker being an artist himself, BIBI GRAETZ will be the brand that supports artists in Japan. As a first step of this project, we planned and produced the “TASTING ART SHOW”, where visitors can enjoy the works of 3 artists (Masanori Ushiki, Yutanpo shirane and Goro Nagashima) while enjoying wine at the same time.

Design Surf Seminar 2017 seminar report

The seminar report for “Design Surf Seminar 2017“, in which Yusuke Tominaga gave a talk on 13th October 2017, has been released.

Together with Yohei Kusanagi, Tokyo Pistol Co. CEO, Yusuke gave a talk titled “Thinking About Our Workplace”, where they discussed on working styles at HOLSTER, the creative coworking space managed by dot by dot inc. and Tokyo Pistol Co., Ltd.

The report can be found in the link below!