Special Exhibition “THE BODY – Challenging the Mystery” – JINTAI NETWORK SYMPHONY

dot by dot designed the installation “JINTAI NETWORK SYMPHONY” for the special exhibition “THE BODY – Challenging the Mystery” held at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno from 13th March 2018. In this installation, visitors can experience the beautiful yet busy network inside the human body, revealed by cutting-edge science.

During the exhibit, visitors can also virtually experience “JINTAI NETWORK SYMPHONY” at the special website we have developed, which reenacts the experience of the installation through 3D visualization (PC only).
Date:Tuesday 13th March 2018 – Sunday 17th June 2018
Venue:National Museum of Nature and Science (Ueno, Tokyo)
Organizers :National Museum of Nature and Science, NHK, NHK Promotions Inc., The Asahi Shimbun

Kodomo Carsensor

dot by dot designed Kodomo Carsensor, a special website for the used car platform “Carsensor.net”.

The concept: “Fun for families through cars”. We’ve created contents for parents to enjoy together with their children, including “Car Origami”, “Car Fart” and “Drive Quiz”.
Have fun!!


Alliance partnership with PARTY NEW YORK

We are proud to announce that dot by dot has formed an alliance partnership with PARTY NEW YORK.

From now on, dot by dot will be assigning and managing new projects for Masashi Kawamura, founder/executive creative director of PARTY NEW YORK, for his work in Japan. In addition to his amazing work in NY, we hope to produce the best environment for Masa to show off his creative skills here in Japan. Masa will also be helping us with our international projects as contact personnel, advisor and as creative director.

This partnership aims to empower our creative and network power globally, and most importantly to empower both dot by dot and PARTY NEW YORK’s creative and production skills to expand our reach beyond Tokyo and New York.

With each other’s business cards in hand, we will continue to strive to create experiences yet unseen.

dot by dot inc. & PARTY NEW YORK


We lanched the original customized Tshirt printing service “WEAR YOU ARE” in collaboration with Remote Sensing Technology Center o Japan, GMO Pepabo and FUTUREK.
Use WEAR YOU ARE to create a custom T-shirt or smartphone case featuring your favorite place in Japan. Choose gorgeous images of any spot in Japan from JAXA satellite data. Add text, pin a location and add a filter for that finishing touch.
* It is currently only available with Japanese satelite image.

We are looking for a partner who can provide a global data…


Taichi has wrote an article for the June issue of Adobe’s blog “Designs that designers love”

Designer Taichi Ito has shared what he is most inspired by in Adobe Creative Station’s monthly column “Designs that designers love”.




dot by dot was involved in the design and development of HAPTIC TV as a part of the NTT Ultra Future Peta City booth showcased at Niconico Chokaigi 2018.

HAPTIC TV is an installation that adds HAPTIC data to content streaming to create a new television viewing experience. Through vibrating sofas, cushions and remote controls, visitors can enjoy 6 channels (hanabi, anime, karate, dance, documentary and nature) with haptic sensation.