MUJI 10,000 shapes of TOKYO

dot by dot inc. organized exhibitions for “MUJI 10,000 shapes of TOKYO”, which was hosted by Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd., Tokyo Metropolis and Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, at flagships in Taipei and New York.

Many commodities of MUJI have a well calculated uniformity for designing so that it makes them seem like a desired structure or planned city view to pile and lay one on another or to place them side by side. With over 10,000 commodities of MUJI, we envisioned and represented the city of Tokyo, which was composed of a variety of buildings and townscapes including Tokyo Tower.

The Taipei exhibition was held at MUJI in Uni-President Department Store from March 5th to 13th in 2016 and the New York exhibition took place in MUJI FIFTH AVENUE from March 19th to April 24th in 2016.

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