dot by dot produced MUJI’s revamped organic cotton towels creative works including a special website, movie, visuals as well as POP displays. The creative works describe “MY HOME TOWEL” since revamped towels fit people’s every style in size and weight for their daily life.

MUJI – Sneakers

MUJI’s original water repellent finished cotton sneakers are loved by people of all age. dot by dot produced its related promotions including a video and a visual.


GYAO! x Attack on Titan – Titan Assessment

To people who missed an episode of Attack on Titan season 2 on the TV, dot by dot created a video on-demand promotion calls “Titan Assessment”.
The platform collage a face picture into a titan face to create a unique banner which can share on SNS.The background situations update every week to hold people’s attentions.

©Hajime Isoyama ・ Kodansha Ltd. / Attack on Titan Production Committee