SK-II Virtual Skin Experience

dot by dot developed the app and designed the display for SK-II Virtual Skin Experience, a system created by SK-II and KEIO MEDIA DESIGN that enables users to touch skin virtually.

By using a haptic controller developed by KEO MEDIA DESIGN, users can swipe on a tabled to virtually touch other people’s facial skin. With an original skin scan device, it can also measure the smoothness of your own skin.

This system is showcased at “FUTURE X Smart Store by SK-II” at Omotesando until the end of June 2018.

Nidec Corporation – Motorize Vol.2

dot by dot produced Vol.2 of the “Motorize” project by Nidec Corporation. This time we devleoped the SMART CHINA TABLE, in which we introduced motors to a turntable to solve any typical turntable concerns at Chinese restaurants. This smart IoT table coordinates with a smartphone app to control table rotation, voice recognition, extra care for soup rotation and payment roulettes.

Nidec Corporation – Motorize Vol.1

Japanese manufacturer of electric motors company – Nidec Corporation announced its “Motorize” project.
This project explores the possibilities of motors with products which have never utilized a motor before and dot by dot associated one of project team member to invent a very first product calls “SMART PET BOTTLE”. By meeting Nidec’s motors to a plastic pet bottole, Nidec produced an automatic opening bottle to seek if it solves one of people’s daily life “activities”.