dot by dot planned and managed the branding of the Italian wine BIBI GRAETZ imported and sold by SUNTORY.

With the Italian wine maker being an artist himself, BIBI GRAETZ will be the brand that supports artists in Japan. As a first step of this project, we planned and produced the “TASTING ART SHOW”, where visitors can enjoy the works of 3 artists (Masanori Ushiki, Yutanpo shirane and Goro Nagashima) while enjoying wine at the same time.


dot by dot produced Vol.3 of the “Motorize” project by Nidec Corporation. This time we developed the SUPER TWISTING CAP, a motorized cap that makes our daily life so much cooler.
The SUPER TWISTING CAP has 3 awesome functions; the auto spinning “auto-twist”, shooting the “super hero mesh” in and out and making the cap move to your favorite music with “super groovy twist”.

Nidec Corporation – Motorize Vol.2

dot by dot produced Vol.2 of the “Motorize” project by Nidec Corporation. This time we devleoped the SMART CHINA TABLE, in which we introduced motors to a turntable to solve any typical turntable concerns at Chinese restaurants. This smart IoT table coordinates with a smartphone app to control table rotation, voice recognition, extra care for soup rotation and payment roulettes.