We lanched the original customized Tshirt printing service “WEAR YOU ARE” in collaboration with Remote Sensing Technology Center o Japan, GMO Pepabo and FUTUREK.
Use WEAR YOU ARE to create a custom T-shirt or smartphone case featuring your favorite place in Japan. Choose gorgeous images of any spot in Japan from JAXA satellite data. Add text, pin a location and add a filter for that finishing touch.
* It is currently only available with Japanese satelite image.

We are looking for a partner who can provide a global data…


ANREALAGE × “Attack on Titan” collaboration T-shirt

dot by dot inc. has produced and released a special collaboration T-shirt project – ANREALAGE* featuring with Attack on Titan.
This special collaboration – entitled “Being Titan” – was designed by ANREALAGE along with dot by dot inc. Featuring men’s and women’s T-shirts in 5 patterns that made from dyes and threads which contain chemical compounds called photochromic. The Titan’s pattern of T-shirts appear once showered with UV rays outdoors, however, the Titan’s pattern returns to white under fluorescent light indoors.


Limited sales on online: http://zozo.jp/aot-anrealage/

*ANREALAGE is the Japanese fashion brand – Kunihiko Morinaga founded it in 2013. Since his Japan debut, people in the world have been astonishing with his novel fashion designs.
In this year, he debuted Paris Fashion Week (2015 spring/summer collection).

“Attack on Titan” Message T-shirt

dot by dot inc. launched the collaboration T-shirt design project with Attack on Titan.

These limited collaboration T-shirt entitled “Attack on Titan’s Message” which had been done under the supervision of Mr. Hajime Isayama; the author of Attack on Titan as well as Mr.Shintaro Kawakubo; the editor of comics.

We aim to design a fashionable T-shirt and the collection bears the most impressive lines from original comics including “It is a BARREN DISCUSSION”, “NOTHING CAN BE DONE!” and more.