Human Body: The Giant Mystic Network | NHK Special

dot by dot developed the website for NHK Special “人体 神秘の巨大ネットワーク (Human Body: The Giant Mystic Network)”.

It is a rare collection of microscopic images of the “network” inside the human body, photographed with cutting-edge technology.


dot by dot produced MUJI’s revamped organic cotton towels creative works including a special website, movie, visuals as well as POP displays. The creative works describe “MY HOME TOWEL” since revamped towels fit people’s every style in size and weight for their daily life.

Creatures Inc. – Corporation Site

dot by dot produced and developed Creatures Inc. ‘s corporate website renewal. As it is one of POKEMON licensors, it is widely active in gaming field including POKEMON card game, digital games, app, 3D CG.
By following the meaning of company name “creatures”, we digested a meaning of philosophy carefully then demonstrate a series of flow of creation process.