300th DAIMARU Anniversary – Flower Mirror

DAIMARU – the department store in Japan is celebrating its 300th anniversary with special installation exhibition, titled “Flower Mirror”, to describe an appreciation for past 300 years as well as for the next generation.
dot by dot produced its special installation in collaboration with TASKO inc.
A person in front of the display window is reflected in the flower mirror by describing with 3,000 flowers opening and closing. 800 movable motors in the oval-shaped device (16.4 x 9.8 ft) with a detecting sensor enable to deliver such a unique flower mirror experience to people.
This mirror also can “reflect” a various type of shapes, patterns, and texts by programming.



illion “Water lily” Connected Jam Video

dot by dot inc. planned and produced illion’s website for his new single “Water Lily”. illion is a solo project from RADWIMPS’s brainchild, Yojiro Noda.

This website connects all users in an interactive group jam session, so you can play together with whoever is online at that time. This website is a metaphor for the reflection of a water lily in the pond, which is like music; it changes according to the moment, the place, and emotions.