SIX produced a new type of speaker named “Lyric Speaker”. This speaker visualizes a lyric of a song with great motion effects synchronizing with music. As a part of creative teams, dot by dot inc. was in charged of software development of directing motion graphs.

This project won the Best Bootstrap Company of the competition at the SXSW Accelerator Awards in 2015.


dot by dot inc. released our latest collaboration with Yahoo Japan Corp. (Yahoo! Japan) for developing “Yahoo! JAPAN – TREND COASTER”, the world’s first virtual roller coaster simulator generating ride in tandem with changing waves of the popularity of a keyword used in social networking service postings as well as Yahoo! searching engine. By taking the changing number of social networking service postings containing a chosen keyword, shown in the form of a line graph in Real Time Search of Yahoo Search, and transforming it into virtual 3D trending waveform, Yahoo! JAPAN – TREND COASTER offers its rider the one-of-a-kind virtual experience going through the ups and downs of the trend. The rider can enjoy 360-degree virtual reality by putting on an “Oculus Rift”, a head-mounted display made by Oculus VR Inc (USA) while feeling the ride in a real-world roller coaster with “Motion-sim” driving simulator made by ELSACO Kolín.

Yahoo! JAPAN – TREND COASTER was exhibited at Tokyo Leisure Land and ad:tech tokyo 2014 to deliver a unique experience to the public.

You can now experience Yahoo! Japan Trend Coaster on your PC / Smartphone.