“Attack on Titan” Message T-shirt

dot by dot inc. launched the collaboration T-shirt design project with Attack on Titan.

These limited collaboration T-shirt entitled “Attack on Titan’s Message” which had been done under the supervision of Mr. Hajime Isayama; the author of Attack on Titan as well as Mr.Shintaro Kawakubo; the editor of comics.

We aim to design a fashionable T-shirt and the collection bears the most impressive lines from original comics including “It is a BARREN DISCUSSION”, “NOTHING CAN BE DONE!” and more.




dot by dot inc. released our latest collaboration with Yahoo Japan Corp. (Yahoo! Japan) for developing “Yahoo! JAPAN – TREND COASTER”, the world’s first virtual roller coaster simulator generating ride in tandem with changing waves of the popularity of a keyword used in social networking service postings as well as Yahoo! searching engine. By taking the changing number of social networking service postings containing a chosen keyword, shown in the form of a line graph in Real Time Search of Yahoo Search, and transforming it into virtual 3D trending waveform, Yahoo! JAPAN – TREND COASTER offers its rider the one-of-a-kind virtual experience going through the ups and downs of the trend. The rider can enjoy 360-degree virtual reality by putting on an “Oculus Rift”, a head-mounted display made by Oculus VR Inc (USA) while feeling the ride in a real-world roller coaster with “Motion-sim” driving simulator made by ELSACO Kolín.

Yahoo! JAPAN – TREND COASTER was exhibited at Tokyo Leisure Land and ad:tech tokyo 2014 to deliver a unique experience to the public.

You can now experience Yahoo! Japan Trend Coaster on your PC / Smartphone.