Kodomo Carsensor

dot by dot designed Kodomo Carsensor, a special website for the used car platform “Carsensor.net”.

The concept: “Fun for families through cars”. We’ve created contents for parents to enjoy together with their children, including “Car Origami”, “Car Fart” and “Drive Quiz”.
Have fun!!



dot by dot produced Vol.3 of the “Motorize” project by Nidec Corporation. This time we developed the SUPER TWISTING CAP, a motorized cap that makes our daily life so much cooler.
The SUPER TWISTING CAP has 3 awesome functions; the auto spinning “auto-twist”, shooting the “super hero mesh” in and out and making the cap move to your favorite music with “super groovy twist”.


Human Body: The Giant Mystic Network | NHK Special

dot by dot developed the website for NHK Special “人体 神秘の巨大ネットワーク (Human Body: The Giant Mystic Network)”.

It is a rare collection of microscopic images of the “network” inside the human body, photographed with cutting-edge technology.