EZAKI GLICO – Campaign Site

dot by dot helped develop EZAKI GLICO’s campaign website “KANPAI SHARE HAPPY Fes. by Pocky”.

Create your own avatar by choosing hairstyle, clothes and the Pocky they hold, join “KANPAI SHARE HAPPY Fes.” and get a movie with your avatar celebrating with a KANPAI on November 11th, the Pocky&Pretz Day.


Hermès – Leather Hot Stamping Wallpaper

dot by dot produced a content which users can download a your initial leather hot stamping’s smartphone wallpaper from LINE official Hermès account. This content was produced to connect Hermès pop-up store in Gion, Kyoto held a final exhibition 『LEATHER SPIRIT』in July 2017.


GYAO! x Attack on Titan – Titan Assessment

To people who missed an episode of Attack on Titan season 2 on the TV, dot by dot created a video on-demand promotion calls “Titan Assessment”.
The platform collage a face picture into a titan face to create a unique banner which can share on SNS.The background situations update every week to hold people’s attentions.


©Hajime Isoyama ・ Kodansha Ltd. / Attack on Titan Production Committee