Nidec Corporation – Motorize Vol.2

dot by dot produced Vol.2 of the “Motorize” project by Nidec Corporation. This time we devleoped the SMART CHINA TABLE, in which we introduced motors to a turntable to solve any typical turntable concerns at Chinese restaurants. This smart IoT table coordinates with a smartphone app to control table rotation, voice recognition, extra care for soup rotation and payment roulettes.

toio collection

SONY introduced the brand new toy platform “toio” for kids. It is the result of years of research into developing a toy that’s simple enough for kids to use, but also sophisticated enough so kids can explore the inner-workings of robotics engineering.
dot by dot designed the contents and UX of “toio collection”, one of the very first official toio games.


Nidec Corporation – Motorize Vol.1

Japanese manufacturer of electric motors company – Nidec Corporation announced its “Motorize” project.
This project explores the possibilities of motors with products which have never utilized a motor before and dot by dot associated one of project team member to invent a very first product calls “SMART PET BOTTLE”. By meeting Nidec’s motors to a plastic pet bottole, Nidec produced an automatic opening bottle to seek if it solves one of people’s daily life “activities”.