MUJI – Original Coffee Maker

MUJI introduced a coffee maker – equips all professional elements – the coffee grinder, shower obliquely to brew softly to produce a hand brew at home.
dot by dot involved its brand development with a promotion content production including video and landing page. We photographed and filmed with a high-speed time-leaps camera to capture the machine’s brewing details to explain real-story behind the machine to users.
This MUJI’s coffee marker has been a shortage of stock for a long time since a number of media has covered its development story. If you are interested, you can enjoy MUJI’s hand brew at our office.


On the theme of “rolling skirts with blast of rock!,” dot by dot inc. produced and created a station ID for the most popular Japanese music TV channel, SPACE SHOWER TV.

We also created a smartphone music game for more people experience this theme of rock. To create the station ID, we invented a wind device and program system. The device can convert the music sounds and voices into certain sign waves and sounds which generate a blast of wind to flip a skirt via a giant speaker.