Special Exhibition “THE BODY – Challenging the Mystery” – JINTAI NETWORK SYMPHONY

dot by dot designed the installation “JINTAI NETWORK SYMPHONY” for the special exhibition “THE BODY – Challenging the Mystery” held at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno from 13th March 2018. In this installation, visitors can experience the beautiful yet busy network inside the human body, revealed by cutting-edge science.

During the exhibit, visitors can also virtually experience “JINTAI NETWORK SYMPHONY” at the special website we have developed, which reenacts the experience of the installation through 3D visualization (PC only).
Date:Tuesday 13th March 2018 – Sunday 17th June 2018
Venue:National Museum of Nature and Science (Ueno, Tokyo)
Organizers :National Museum of Nature and Science, NHK, NHK Promotions Inc., The Asahi Shimbun

Event report on “Creative Company Management” featured in BAUS

The event report on “Creative Company Management”, in which Rika Ono gave a talk on Thursday 11th January 2018, is featured on BAUS.

Together with other creative company back office members Kohei Imai, Kasuri Sato and Aya Hirose, Rika dives deep into the details of back office work, from unique management projects to the values that back office work provides and how it should be evaluated.

Read it here!