dot by dot created the real time projection contents for “Sprint Trippin’ Ishigaki”, Japan’s earliest spring festival held at Ishigakijima on 18th February 2017. Using Lyric Speaker‘s core function Lyric Sync Engine, we created motion graphics from the lyrics of songs by Eisho Higa from BEGIN and idol group You’ll Melt More, which were then projected during their stage.


Yahoo! JAPAN Hack Day 2016 | Love in Chocolate Bazookas: Ai Shinozaki × Saqoosha

“Yahoo! JAPAN Hack Day 2016 ” was held on February 13th and 14th in 2016 promoted by Yahoo! Japan. As one part of this festival, the special collaborating show by Ai Shinozaki, a Japanese popular pinup girl, and Saqoosha from dot by dot inc. was brought out for the COLLABO HACK section.

The outstanding point of this show is its unique devices connecting Ai Shinozaki and the bazookas filled with three types of chocolate. Some motion sensors on Shinozaki’s body would recognize her three different motions, such as throwing kisses, winking and making heart shapes with her hands. As she is brought out on stage and performs a song, the sensors detect her motions and commands the bazookas to shoot out three different kinds of chocolates.

Saqoosha was also one of the judges for “Yahoo! JAPAN Hack Day 2016”.

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