360 degrees Experimental Theatre “koh“


dot by dot inc. created 360 degree experimental theatre “koh” that is a main content of the Attack on Titan Exhibition at The Ueno Royal Museum.


This is a special exhibition based on the Attack on Titan (Manga), a series that has wrapped not just Japan but the world in a whirlwind and to which over 42 million copies have been sold.

Our featuring content; “koh” is offering 360 degree visual experience with the Oculus Rift to enter the Attack on Titan word by being one of the Survey Corps member. You can involve in the Attack on Titan world where is the most beautiful virtual reality space.

Exhibition Information
Date: 28th Nov 2014 – 25th Jan 2015
Venue: The Ueno Royal Museum
Ticket: Adult: JPY 1,800 / Student: JPY 1,500 + 360 degree experimental theatre “koh”: JPY 600


“Attack on Titan” Message T-shirt

dot by dot inc. launched the collaboration T-shirt design project with Attack on Titan.

These limited collaboration T-shirt entitled “Attack on Titan’s Message” which had been done under the supervision of Mr. Hajime Isayama; the author of Attack on Titan as well as Mr.Shintaro Kawakubo; the editor of comics.

We aim to design a fashionable T-shirt and the collection bears the most impressive lines from original comics including “It is a BARREN DISCUSSION”, “NOTHING CAN BE DONE!” and more.